“Emily was my doula for my first pregnancy and birth. Words can not describe her service to me during this completely new time for my husband and I. We were scared nervous every step of the way and she was a breath of fresh air being able to ask all our dumb questions to. When it came time to deliver Emily was there from beginning to end, she showed my husband how to assist as well through the entire thing. I looked for her for guidance and support and she was always there knowing what I needed… She never left my side or turned any of our questions away. After birth she has been great with my baby questions and checking up on all of us! I can’t recommend Emily enough to all you pregnant ladies out there! Amazing just amazing 🙂
Thank you Emily for helping delivery our baby girl into this world I don’t know what I would have done without you there you have been just amazing and our little girl was so lucky to have you be one of the first people she got to meet in this world”- Lisa Rodgers