Our Team


Emily Hime is a DONA International Certified Doula who offers support before, during, and after birth allowing women and their partners to experience the birth they envision for themselves. She is a member in good standing of DONA International and the Ontario Professional Doula Association.

Emily was born and raised in Chatham-Kent, Ontario and has always had a passion for children. She began traveling as a humanitarian in 2010 to Ghana, Haiti, and the Philippines. Emily then founded a Non-Profit organization called Hime For Help and in 2012 she returned to Haiti where she opened the doors to Ke Kontan Children’s Home.  At age nineteen Emily was caring for children of all ages and providing them with a safe environment, basic needs, education, and medical care as well as supporting other women and families in surrounding communities.

Emily became interested in becoming a doula when she was pregnant with her first child and realized how uneducated most women are when it comes to childbirth and their options. Emily was very inspired by her own Doula (Lisa Uher) and how supportive and helpful she was during the birth of her son.  Emily’s goal is to empower and support women and their partners throughout their birth journey!

Emily founded Chatham-Kent Birth Services in 2016 hoping to assist women in the Chatham-Kent area.  Emily has experience working with families in hospitals, at home, with midwives and OBGYNs.

Eva Fast
is a wife and mother of four beautiful children.  She is also a DONA trained doula with DONA International.
As a young girl in grade 9, a fitness and health teacher shared with her class her journey through pregnancy, labor, and delivery and Eva was captivated by her story and a video she showed. From that point on she had her mind set about how someday she would like for her journey to be. She was determined to do her best to labour naturally, because millions of women have done so in the past.

Women love sharing their birth stories, and Eva loves hearing them. As she listened to others and shared her story and her excitement, others invited her to be a part of their stories. Through this blessing of having been invited to be a part of their miraculous journey, Eva discovered a new passion.

Through her passion, experience and training, Eva hopes to offer many other families a servants hand and heart to help them discover their own strength and power as they journey through one of life’s most memorable and exhilarating experiences…their own birth stories. Eva’s goal is to empower families with information, emotional and physical support to have positive birth experience. No matter how or where they choose to deliver their child; whether at home or in the hospital, with an OBGYN or a midwife.

lisa-photoLisa Uher started Mother Nurture Childbirth Support Services 17 years ago based on a passion for working with women at such an amazing time in their lives.  Lisa has been a Birth Doula for the past 18 years as well as a Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Educator. In the past she has trained Doulas in the Chatham-Kent community through DONA International.  She has now had the honor of assisting over 250 babies coming into the world as a Doula and is still in awe of the strength of women and the beauty of babies taking in their first breath of life!

Mother Nurture has grown over the years from providing labor support to women to their childbirth class component. Although Lisa is now a retired Doula, She is still able to pass on this passion and excitement to the many new families who attend her childbirth classes, giving them the education and confidence to have a positive birth experience regardless of the path that birth may take.