Chatham-Kent Birth Services was founded in 2017 by Emily Hime after realizing the great need for labour support in the Chatham-Kent community. Since ancient times, pregnant women have turned to caring and experienced women called doulas for support and guidance in childbirth. As modern women have discovered this age-old tradition of woman-to-woman support, doulas have once again become the key to safer, easier, and happier births.

Our doulas are there for you from the beginning of your pregnancy, all the way to the early postpartum period.  We provide you with prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal education and evidence based statistics.  We ensure to provide non-judgemental support in the decisions you make to birth your baby.  We will inform you of your options in childbirth and also assist you with creating a birth plan to help you achieve the birth you have envisioned!

Doulas Defined

A doula is a trained professional experienced in childbirth who provides women and partners with continuous emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after the birth of your baby. We are able to support you if you are low risk or high risk, using a midwife or doctor, planning a homebirth or hospital birth. As well, doulas work with clients who want to avoid medications, as well as those clients who are planning to use medications.

Some families express concern that a doula replaces the role of a Father, or Partner, during the labour and delivery process. However, a doula’s role can more accurately be compared to an ally for the Father. Doulas can provide objective assistance while encouraging a partners active participation. Many fathers admit feeling a sense of relief when a doula is present and are able to better enjoy the birth experience.